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Audiology Services


Dealing with hearing loss can be frustrating and overwhelming for both you and your loved ones. At Mayom Hospital ENT care centre , our audiology specialists provide expert evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and management of all types of hearing disorders. We provide comprehensive audiology care for patients of all ages, from new-born babies, young children to older adults.

Are you suffering from -

  • •    hearing disorder?
  • •    ringing noise in ears?
  • •    sudden hearing loss?
  • •    unable to have routine conversations with family and friends?
  • •    blockage or heaviness in the ears?

Don’t suffer in silence. Book an appointment with us now.

We will evaluate the extent of your disorder, determine the cause and develop a personalized treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

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Our audiology specialists are committed to working with you and your family to help you achieve healthy hearing. We offer a range of services, including:

  • •    Adult hearing testing
  • •    Pediatric hearing testing
  • •    Custom-fit hearing aids
  • •    Audiologic rehabilitation
  • •    Tinnitus evaluation and management
  • •    Tinnitus retraining therapy
  • •    Community hearing screening
  • •    Hearing aid sales and after-sale maintenance services
  • •    Custom swim/ water activity moulds
  • •    Hearing protection earplugs

Audiological tests offered-

• BERA test- Brain Stem Evoked Response Audiometry is a reliable test to objectively evaluate the hearing threshold of an adult or child. It is done by using clicking sounds to identify the average hearing threshold automatically without requiring a response from the patient. This test is used to assess hearing threshold in new-born babies.

• Pure-tone Audiometry- gives an idea of the hearing threshold in different frequencies . It helps to identify whether the hearing loss is due to defect in the middle ear or inner ear or in the hearing nerve. Localizing tests like TDT, SISI, ABLB and glycerol tests which help in diagnosing the nature and site of lesion are also done here.

• High Frequency Audiometry–This special testing is done for patients of tinnitus, sudden hearing loss, hearing loss due to exposure to loud noise, industrial workers etc. We test frequencies from 250 – 16,000 Hz.

• Impedance Audiometry–or tympanometry, this test tells us about the functioning of the middle ear and cochlea (inner ear). It helps to identify the nature of pathology in middle ear disorders, like Otosclerosis, Otitis Media with Effusion, adhesive otitis media etc.

• OAE–Otoacoustic Emission Test (OAE) is a quick screening test to know whether the patient (i.e. the adult / child on whom the test is being conducted) has normal hearing or not. it is a painless test commonly used for testing newborn infants to check whether they have any hearing defect. If any deafness is detected then the degree of deafness has to be ascertained by other tests like- BERA / ASSR etc. as OAE cannot evaluate the hearing threshold. OAE test is mandatory in all newborns and is a must in all infants born of high risk pregnancies.