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The cochlear implant is accessible and affordable cure for hearing loss. Cochlear implant surgery is a much known treatment for those who suffer from severe hearing loss. In this procedure, an electronic device (a receiver-stimulator) is implanted inside the ear of the patient. The implantation of this type is a specially electronic chip that takes place in the rear portion of the temporal bone, which is known as the ‘mastoid bone’. This chip instrument will receive the sound through an outside mechanism comprising of a transmitter, receiver, and processor. Then it decodes the sound and gives the required notifications to the brain.
‘Cochlear Implant’ is relatively a short surgical process of two or three hours to complete. In most cases, local anesthesia is enough to perform this procedure. The cochlear implant procedure in India is easily available. However, one must make sure to approach the best ENT surgeon in India, who is well aware of modern implant procedures. Usually, the implanted device will be activated after 1 to 4 weeks, basically depending upon the patient’s recovery from the surgery. The techniques used for both adults and children.

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